Don’t Miss This Before Going to Velassaru Maldives: Our Complete Resort Review!



Welcome to another vlog! This time, we’re traveling to Velassaru, which has been on our bucket list for such a long time. This resort exceeded all our expectations and is one of the most turquoise resorts we’ve ever been to. We’ve been given a lovely water villa that sits on some of the most turquoise ocean in the Maldives. The resort features five restaurants and two bars. It’s close to Malé and takes about a 20-minute ride by speedboat from Malé.

Right from the reception, we set off to explore the island and discovered all the great spots. We absolutely loved the infinity pool—it’s one of a kind and one of the most beautiful ones in the Maldives. Right next to it, there’s a beautiful area with sunbeds and the bar.

As we continued our journey, we came across the first restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of fresh sushi and prawn Caesar salad. As we kept exploring, we found the main restaurant, the Sand Restaurant, which specializes in seafood. We also stumbled upon the water sports center, which has everything you could want, from motorized and non-motorized sports like Jet Skiing, wakeboarding, and surfing, to a transparent kayak and a catamaran for sailing. The resort offers a variety of excursions, such as shark watching and dolphin cruises. About four minutes away, we found the sports center with a beautiful tennis court, and right next to it is the gym, well-equipped with everything from a bench press to treadmills.

As we continued, we reached the other side of the island, known as the sunset side. It features a beautiful sunset bar with another great seating area where you can relax, along with more water activities and a pool. We then made our way to our water villas, discovering beautiful beach villas with direct access to the ocean and dedicated sunbeds. All the pathways are lined with tall palm trees, making us think that this could be Palm Tree Island with its turquoise waters. There’s actually something special on the island: twice a day, there’s an ice cream service that we really loved.

After our exploration, we headed to the spa for a full-body massage at the overwater spa. We received an amazing massage from a Balinese therapist and enjoyed our time at the spa, relaxing by the infinity pool in front of it. The facilities are all new and very trendy. We finished our day at the main restaurant, which has a great selection of cakes, a grill station, a salad station, an ice cream station, and pretty much everything you could want. We loved our dinner.

The next day, we spent most of our time at the beautiful infinity pool, followed by lunch. In the evening, we dined at the Sand Restaurant, enjoying some specialties—I had Gnocchi with cheese, and I had steak, a grass-fed Australian steak, in the beautiful setting of the restaurant, with little cottages on the beach. We could feel the sand between our toes.

In conclusion, this resort is truly an amazing location and very scenic. It’s one of the most stunning resorts we have ever seen, with tall palm trees and amazing vegetation. It offers a variety of entertainment and is definitely geared towards honeymooners and couples, but families will also find great pleasure on this beautiful island. It’s truly a small luxury resort that surpassed our expectations, and we were captivated by the beauty of everything we experienced.

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