You Have to See This Before Going to Kurumba! Ultimate Guide to Maldives’ Oldest Resort

You Have to See This Before Going to Kurumba! Inside Maldives' Oldest Resort


Kurumba is like walking through a botanical garden, boasting nearly 700 varieties of plants. It’s a unique oasis where nature and luxury blend seamlessly. The resort offers a rich variety of entertainment options, including a diving center, water sports center, two tennis courts, a gym, a spa, a multifunctional field, and even an art gallery.

Accommodation and Lunch

We stayed in a deluxe pool villa, a large and luxurious space featuring its own internal pool. Our accommodation was absolutely stunning, providing the perfect balance of comfort and elegance.

For lunch, we indulged in a delicious à la carte meal, starting with a prawn Caesar salad that was both refreshing and satisfying.

Relaxation and Spa Experience

In the evening, we headed to Veli Spa for an amazing lava stone massage. The experience was incredibly rejuvenating, leaving us feeling completely relaxed and pampered.

As it was a bit windy, we decided to spend some time in our indoor pool, which turned out to be a great way to unwind and enjoy the privacy of our villa.

Day 2: Dining and Exploring

The next day, we had a delightful evening dinner at Thila Restaurant. The meal was a culinary journey, starting with wagyu steak tartare, followed by a perfectly cooked wagyu steak, and ending with a coconut crème brûlée. Every dish was delicious, and the setting was even more enchanting with the beautiful Malé skyline visible in the background.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Kurumba is very family-friendly, with reef breakers ensuring the seas remain mellow and calm, making it perfect for kids. The proximity to Malé, just a five-minute boat ride away, makes it ideal for travelers who prefer not to take a seaplane or endure a long speedboat ride. After a long 15-hour flight, it was a relief to directly reach the resort and start our vacation immediately.

Final Thoughts

Our stay at Kurumba was nothing short of magical. From the stunning botanical garden-like environment to the luxurious accommodations and diverse dining options, every moment was filled with wonder and relaxation. We can’t wait to return to this beautiful island and create more unforgettable memories.

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